Innovating Packaging &
Robotic Systems

Throughout these years, VIEPA has evolved into a dynamically developing company in the field of industrial applications, production and packaging machines.

Your trusted partner for custom production machinery

VIEPA offers solutions for Production Lines designing everything from scratch based on our customers’ needs, optimizing performance, and aiming for an ergonomic construction. In addition, we upgrade existing machinery and technological integration with new technologies and innovations.

What makes us stand out?

The support we provide post-purchase to all customers ensures smooth operation and prolongs product life.


Thanks to many years of experience and expertise in the industrial sector, VIEPA keeps up to date with the market, making sure to incorporate trends and satisfy customers’ needs with innovation in mind. VIEPA is all about creating machinery equipment that will last.


Our services post purchase guarantee to our partners constant support for a continuous production.


Technical Support for Standardization and Processing Machinery, periodic inspections and maintenance.


VIEPA leads in designing and constructing machines that aid in making the production process more efficient, flexible, fast, and of course productive.

Latest News

Development gazing into the future

VIEPA, starting with the vision of its founder for the manufacture of packaging machines and based on the passion and creativity of its executives, walks with steady steps in the new era of production machines manufacturing, establishing it among the leaders of the Greek market.

We are proud to work with some of the largest organisations

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with some of the biggest organisations within several fields of industry.