Automated Rotating Cartoner Machine ROTO CARTO-30

Automated Rotating Cartoner Machine ROTO CARTO-30

VIEPA presents the new Automated Rotating Case Packer machine for products "ROTO CARTO-30". This Cartoner Machine operates by packaging products inside carton boxes and closing them with glue or tape via manual or automaticc feeding.

ROTO-30 is for food, medicine, and cosmetics. All materials are of high standards and ergonomic design, following the European Standards for safety. 


  • Product Packaging in button box
  • Pacing machine operation through indexer of high accuracy
  • Automated receiving and box forming
  • Manual or Automatic product placement
  • Ability to adjust box dimensions with spare parts
  • Flap Closure with pneumatic actuators
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable access to points of operation and set up
  • Easy machine set up with calibrated systems of position change
  • Structural machine parts from anodized industrial profile.
  • Transparent machine covers from unbreakable polycarbonate
  • User-friendly operation menu with touch screen
  • CE Mark
  • Greek Construction
  • 24 months warranty

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